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Интересная книга по биоинформатике "Biological information: New Perspectives"

R. Marks II, Michael Behe, William Dembski, Bruce Gordon, Jon Sanford: Biological information: New Perspectives, World Scientific, Proceedings of a Symposium, 2011, Cornell University.

Статьи очень интересные. В основном, ID-шные. Большинство редакторов -- уже знакомые нам авторы.


  • Information Theory & Biology (Marks)

  • Biological Information and Genetic Theory (Sanford)

  • Theoretical Molecular Biology (Behe)

  • Biological Information and Self-Organizational Complexity Theory (Gordon)

Особенно интересные статьи:

  • Dembski, Ewert, Marks: A General Theory of Information Cost Incurred by Successful Search

  • John Oller, Jr: Pragmatic Information (обсуждаются проблемы информации с точки зрения прагматики в приложении к лингвистике

  • Ewert, Dembski, Marks: Tierra: The character of adaptation (компьютерная симуляция эволюционной динамики, искусственная жизнь)

  • Montanez, Marks, Fernandez, Sanford: Multiple overlapping genetic codes profoundly reduce the probability of beneficial mutation

  • Granvill Sowell: Entropy, Evolution and Open Systems

  • Andy McIntosh, Information and Thermodynamics in Living Systems

  • Jonathan Wells: Not junk after all: Non-Protein-Coding DNA carries extensive biological information

  • Paul Gibson, John Baumgartner, Wesley Brewer, John Sanford: Can purifying selection preserve biological information?

  • John Macosko, Amanda Smelser: An Ode to the Code: Evidence for fine-tuning in the standard codon table

  • Jon Wells: The membrane code: A carrier of essential biological information that is not specified by DNA and is inherited apart from it

  • Michael Behe: Getting there first: An evolutionary rate advantage for adaptive loss-of-function mutations

  • Douglas Axe and Ann Gauger: Explaining metabolic innovation: Neo-Darwinism vs Design

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