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Избыточность генетического кода служит для управления скоростью трансляции

David Onofrio, David Abel. Redundancy of the genetic code enables translational pausing. Front. Genet., 20 May 2014 |

The codon redundancy (“degeneracy”) found in protein-coding regions of mRNA also prescribes Translational Pausing (TP). When coupled with the appropriate interpreters, multiple meanings and functions are programmed into the same sequence of configurable switch-settings. This additional layer of Ontological Prescriptive Information (PIo) purposely slows or speeds up the translation-decoding process within the ribosome. Variable translation rates help prescribe functional folding of the nascent protein. Redundancy of the codon to amino acid mapping, therefore, is anything but superfluous or degenerate. Redundancy programming allows for simultaneous dual prescriptions of TP and amino acid assignments without cross-talk. This allows both functions to be coincident and realizable. We will demonstrate that the TP schema is a bona fide rule-based code, conforming to logical code-like properties. Second, we will demonstrate that this TP code is programmed into the supposedly degenerate redundancy of the codon table. We will show that algorithmic processes play a dominant role in the realization of this multi-dimensional code.

Избыточность генетического кода служит для управления скоростью трансляции, которая, в свою очередь, влияет на укладку белка. Код поверх кода -- это круто.
Tags: intelligent design, абель, биоинформатика, биосемиотика, генетический код, литература, синтез белка, система трансляции генетического кода, трансляционные паузы, трансляция информации

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