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Поппер и "кошмар детерминизма"

Замечательный комментарий о внутренней противоречивости эпифеноменализма (автор: юзер с ником Orlando Braga).

Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins defend the idea of “Epiphenomenalism” — the idea that there’s no such thing as “consciousness” that is independent from matter.

Karl Popper showed us that Epiphenomenalism makes no sense if it follows its own presuppositions: if my ideas cannot exist without a physical support, i.e., if my ideas are uniquely products of the brain, and thus, are products of the chemistry processed in my brain — then it would not even be possible to discuss the issue regarding “Epiphenomenalism”: this theory (Epiphenomenalism) may not have any possibility to be true, because the eventual evidences that we make out of it are also pure chemistry; and if somebody defends a theory that is contrary to Epiphenomenalism, then he/she should also be correct, as his/her chemistry led him/her to a different conclusion.

Karl Popper calls this logical trap the “physical determinism nightmare”.

Взято отсюда.

Вот ещё материал на смежную тему философской несостоятельности материалистического натурализма (не путать с методологическим натурализмом).
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