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Natural Selection is indeed a very limited process that “recycles” in slightly different forms the Functional Information already existing in the reproducing organism.

It appears to be an adaptive optimization of some aspects in some cases, but in reality it is only a variation of the general balance of some given functional program, that already existed, given maybe a few bits of information variation in the environment.

So, bacteria can change in a limited repertoire that expresses in different modalities the same FI that already was in the bacterium. They can lose a little bit of information in a molecule to become resistant to an antibiotic in the environment, they can change their ability to control citrate metabolism under strong environmental stress, they can use some existing molecule to digest nylon instead of penicillin when nylon becomes suddenly abundant.

All those “optimizations” are simply random variations in the global expression of a huge program with huge FI that essentially defines that specific organism as a specific form of living organism, an already existing designed program which goes on implementing its original function: to make the organism’s life possible and to make the organism survive and reproduce.

Probably, the global FI in that organism does not really increase, even if there are very small local increases for locally defined functions, always in the range of those few bits that are allowed by the essential limits of the probabilistic resource involved in biologic RV.

The true jumps in FI that we observe so often in natural history are instead always examples of new plans involving new functional configurations that change deeply and in a coordinated way the whole plan of the existing organisms, adding new proteins or deeply re-engineered proteins, new control networks, new structures, and so on, IOWs a completely different perspective that can only be implemented controlling hundreds, thousands and even millions of functional bits in the process (see for example the transition to vertebrates, involving about 1.7 millions of functional bits).

Моих 5 копеек.

ЕО всегда действует в уже существующем функциональном контексте и вряд ли вообще сколько-нибудь заметным образом меняет количество функциональной информации в системе (локальные изменения плюс-минус несколько функциональных бит, что несущественно по ср. с тысячами или даже миллионами бит функции). Это просто шум.

Незначительное возрастание информации в системе вследствие случайностей, в принципе, возможно. Предположим, что некто, отправляя телеграмму, допускает случайную ошибку в тексте. Машинистка, набивая текст, тоже делает случайную ошибку в этом же месте и тем самым исправляет ошибку отправителя. Тем не менее, никогда никакие случайности и отборы, вместе взятые или по отдельности, не напишут осмысленный текст достаточной длины ) Для решения творческих задач требуется осмысленная деятельность лица, принимающего решения (см. напр. здесь). Такова жизнь.
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