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Информация и ID

Очень хороший комментарий по поводу понятия функциональной информации, а также различия между понятиями функциональной информации и информации Шеннона. Многие путают эти вещи. Большая просьба к читателям разобраться в этом различии прежде чем критиковать метод оценки ф.и., который предлагают ID-шники.

@daveS, there are two concerns here that tend to get conflated. First, whether we can measure something or not does not have the measurement. There could be a 10 pound rock on some distant planet we will never reach, and thus never be able to measure it. But, the rock is still 10 pounds. Same with CSI. It is an objective property of an object, regardless of whether we can measure it or not.

With the paperclip, we’d first determine whether metals have inherent properties that turn them into paperclip shapes. If not, then the probability of paperclips spontaneously forming out of metal would be very small. Additionally, the paperclip is a shape that can be concisely described. Thus, it has a lot of CSI.

Back with Shannon information, say the source is a uniform distribution over letters. So, LGCRUIB has the same Shannon information as ROSEBUD. However, the latter word is meaningful but the first word is gibberish. This shows Shannon information is a measure of informational capacity and not of informational content.

Взято отсюда.
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