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William B Collier: From Darwin to Eden

William B Collier: From Darwin to Eden


Who am I? Where did I come from? Where did life come from? How you answer these questions will profoundly impact how you live your life. Professor Collier has compiled into one engaging volume the scientific case for God and theism encased in the philosophy of one of the most brilliant and unusual scientist/philosophers of our age: Michael Polanyi. Few people have the time to survey the full spectrum of the modern intelligent design movement and how it grew out of and interacts with the writings of Michael Polanyi. With this book you can step back and survey the whole scene, and know exactly who you need to read next if necessary. Collier has condensed the critical details of Polanyi and the Intelligent Design movement into a single volume that informs without being overly simplistic, but is also engaging and fun.

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William B. Collier is a Fulbright Scholar, former research scientist at the National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research, AWU-DOE fellow, TUBITAK fellow, and is currently professor of chemistry at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He teaches chemistry and the interaction of science and faith, in addition to his spectroscopic research and studies on the origin of life.
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