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Патти о принципе комплиментарности в отношении источника макромолекулярной информации

Howard Pattee The Complementarity Principle and the Origin of Macromolecular Information BioSystems, 11, 217-226 (1979).

Патти, похоже, активно выкладывает все свои старые работы, снабжая их аннотациями. По ним интересно прослеживать ход его мысли на протяжении десятков лет.

Под комплиментарностью имеется в виду структурализм vs. информационализм в описании биологических систем.

We do not actually use the word information as if it were just another physical variable like energy or matter. We may indeed have information about energy or matter, but that is not a statement of physics. That is a statement about epistemology, and that is where the original fundamental issue lies. The question is whether information is to be treated in biology as just another physical variable, or as the characteristic and exclusive aspect of living systems and their artifacts that distinguish living systems from all other physical systems. To put the question in a particularly controversial form: Can the biological information that distinguishes living systems from non-living systems be reduced to physical laws? [emphasis mine]
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