August 30th, 2020

  • mns2012

Религиозная суть дарвинизма

Интересный комментарий, отсюда


Anybody want to take a wild crack at how your science is influenced by your in genetics and so forth, it’s part of evolutionary theory,
I’m sure your ancestors during the hunter gatherer phase have some reason for your choice of conclusions, I mean how can you trust or support your own conclusions when they could easily be influenced by the environment and your genetics. remember your subjective experience is not a valid form of science.

They “support” it via blatant circular “reasoning”:
-we can reach valid conclusions (and trust our reason)
– because we have evolved to have “good enough” reason
If you think the above statement is not stupid enough, now they add the following:
-but we are plagued by “cognitive biases”/ “illusions”/ can not “understand reality”.
Except if you are a darwinist. Darwinism is magic, you read On The Origin of Species and then “you” (your “brain”) gets cleansed of your biases and your brain chemistry magically changes. No more cheating!

You are born-again. 🙂 (Notice the parallel with religion/ baptism).

Lol. It could be funny. But the truth is that is pathetic.