June 26th, 2020

Upright Biped re Eugene Koonin

в контексте подсчёта вероятности реализации натуралистического сценария происхождения жизни.

What was that fella’s name that tried to put forth the math on a non-ID origin of life? I remember that he had to figure in (what he openly admitted) were incredibly generous, even comical, assumptions into his calculations. If I remember correctly, he ended up concluding that actual physical reality would require an infinite multiverse just to get the needle to move. All this, coming from a recognized expert in computational biology; a committed materialist who is regularly invited to peer-review OoL papers submitted for publication into the scientific literature, not to mention being some big-shot lead investigator at some prominent research organization. I can’t remember his name, but it sounded something like “Eugene Koonin”, or something like that. I wonder if any of the ID critics have ever followed up on that? I wonder if those kinds of calculations actually mean anything to materialists?

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Американский биолог Евгений Кунин

И, собственно, слова самого Е.Кунина по поводу текущего состояния в области натуралистических моделей происхождения жизни:

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