August 13th, 2019

  • mns2012

Цитата из статьи Д. Абеля

Organization requires freedom of deliberate selection for potential function [25,26]. Natural selection is merely Selection FROM AMONG existing function [8]. Natural selection cannot program new formal organization or function. Natural selection is nothing more than the differential survival and reproduction of the fittest already-existing organisms [27]. Organization is accomplished via decision nodes, logic gates, and configurable switch-settings. Decision nodes cannot be reduced to mere bifurcation points or bits of Shannon probabilistic combinatorial uncertainty. Chance and necessity are blind to formal function, and cannot pursue it [11]. Computational halting arises on the formal side of The Cybernetic Cut ravine. To affect physicality, such computation must be transported across the one-way CS [configurable switch mns2012] Bridge via formal (abstract, conceptual, mental, non physical) programming of physical logic gates.

David L. Abel, The Cybernetic Cut and Configurable Switch (CS) Bridge.