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Патти о минимальной сложности

This general type of irreducible complexity is now often called non-linearity, meaning that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. More precisely, it means that there exists some significant behavior of the system as a whole that cannot be adequately explained or modeled if any part of the system is neglected. (It does not mean that other behaviors within the system cannot be usefully modeled.) One of the simplest well-known examples in physics is n-body gravitational dynamics. In biology this type of irreducible coherent interaction occurs at all levels from cells to societies.

H. Pattee, Irreducible and complementary semiotic forms.

Обычно в русскоязычном сегменте интернета используется термин "неупрощаемая сложность", но мне он кажется корявым. Мне больше нравится "минимальная сложность", поскольку если бы она каким-то образом упрощалась, сводясь к простоте, то не была бы сложностью.
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